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01 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2023
Borders, Cowards, Thieves (2022) Borders, Cowards, Thieves (2022)
Borders, Cowards, Thieves (2022)
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8. Protest Stencil

Borders, Cowards, Thieves

Three colour layers via hand-cut stencil.
Signed on recto. 
Unframed dimensions: 120cm x 180cm.
This is a unique work. 
Produced in 2022. 
COA from the artist. 


£200 - 400

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"As arms dealers gather at ExCeL, acting like it's just another trade show, artists can expose the reality - that the deals they make there result in death and destruction around the world. While corporations present 'security solutions', building ever-higher walls around stolen colonial wealth, we refuse to accept that people seeking safety and dignity are pests to be controlled or eliminated.

F*ck your endless resource wars.

F*ck your racist borders." - Protest Stencil 


Protest Stencil (est. 2016) is a collaborative political art project that since its inception has supported radical grassroots groups with visual materials to amplify their messages and demands.

Regularly making headlines, the project has specialised in public space art focusing on abolitionist and anti-racist campaigns around policing, the arms trade, migration and international solidarity.


Art the Arms Fair, London, 2017
Beyond Borders, Battersea Arts Centre, 2019
Art the Arms Fair, London, 2019
Visualising Return , P21 Gallery, London, 2021
Werbepause (Adbreak) - The Art of Subvertising, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, 2022

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