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01 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2023
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Reduce Greed Now
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12. Dr.d aka Subvertiser

Reduce Greed Now

Hand-pulled screen print on a recycled road sign, made with permanent vegetable inks (eco-friendly, water based).
Limited edition of 50, numbered and signed on verso. 
Artwork for acquisition is 3/50. 
In collaboration with Carry On Screening.
Unframed dimensions: 52.7cm x 44cm.
COA available upon acquisition from the artist. 
Produced in 2022.


Artist's Studio, UK, 2022
Shangri-Mart, Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, 2022
We ain't dED yet, Art The Arms Fair, Gallery 46, London, 2023


£150 - 300

This auction has now ended

We Ain't dED Yet (12/25)



Dr.d aka Subvertiser (b. 1970's) is a British multi-disciplinary artist who is known for his satirical, provocative and timely street artworks, prints and billboard interventions. His process and familiarity with fly posting and billboard space began in the 90's when he worked the trade. Since 2000's he has mimicked official council, police and governmental street signage to subvert text and word play. Reduce Greed Now and Asylum Seekers ‘doctor’ governmental and social imagery and words as his pseudonym suggests (as well as it's basis in his 90's DJ name, Dr. Dolittle). 

Dr.d has been a regular contributor to the Shangri-La area of Glastonbury for over a decade and continues to keep one foot in fly posting. Both works were originally included at the Shangri-Mart, Shangri-La, Glastonbury. 


Art Game, Margate, 2019
Can I Get A Slice, November Atom Gallery, London, 2019
Moniker Art Fair, London, 2019
Space Is The Place, September NuArt, Skur 2, Stavanger, Norway, 2019
Rise Festival, London, 2018
A Revolution of the Ordinary, April NuArt, Aberdeen, 2018
Street Art @ Muse 269, Muse Gallery, London, 2018
Face Value 2, Jealous Gallery, London, 2018
Esthesis, Crows Nest Gallery, London, 2015
Banger Art, Nelly Duff, London, 2012
Shangri-Mart, Shangri-La, Glastonbury, 2011-2023
The Brain Wash Laundrette, Installation Bethnal Green Road, London, 2010
One Foot In The Grove, MuTate Britain, Cordy House, London, 2009
Mutate Britain, Behind The Shutters Gallery, London, 2008
Dr.D, Goldie & Jason Atomic, Babylon Academy Show, Arthouse Tacheles, Berlin, 2008
Dreweatts Urban Art Auction, Selfridges, London, 2008
12 Days of Christmas, Old Bridewell Police Station, Bristol, 2007
Fail To Save The World: Dr.D & Mr Atomic, Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, 2007
Rude and Ill Bread: Dr.D & Brian Jones, Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, 2006
The We Hate Coldplay Show: Dr.D & The Faith Healer, Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, 2005




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