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Dominic Lam & Fabrizio Giacomelli

The Gold Leaf

Signed on front
Photography on canvas 
60 x 100 cm
Made in 2019
This work is unique

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Wisdom and Nature (1/20)


Co-created by artists Dominic Lam and Fabrizio Giacomelli, The Golden Leaf originated through celebration of the Sino-Italian millennial friendship, honoring peace and harmony. The artwork was originally due to be displayed during the exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2019; however, one month prior to the opening, Venice was tragically hit by the worst storm in 53 years, damaging the city and this very art exposition. Recognising the need to overcome the reality of climate change, the painting was immediately restored and exhibited in Venice symbolizing the reopening of the city as a new beginning.

The Golden Leaf emerged out of two unique techniques. Through Giacomelli’s ‘Analog-Noise’ process, involving use of analogue cameras combined with his proprietary physical flue filter to shredder the light, as well as Dr. Lam’s invention of the Chromoskedasic painting process that generates a wide spectrum of colours without the use of pigments or dye. In this manner, Lam also invented a novel painting medium, which is very rare in the history of art. The result is an amazing spectrum of visual e!ects that recreate impressionistic style through photography.


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