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Marshmallow Laser Feast

Lungs #0188-1

Epson semi gloss print, flush-mounted on aluminium 
76 x 76 cm
Photographed in 2019
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Wisdom and Nature (20/20)


Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is a London based experiential collective working at the intersection of art, science and technology, expanding perception and exploring the human connection with the natural world. The veil of the known world is removed to reveal networks, processes and systems that are sublime and fundamental to life on Earth. Informed as much by playfulness as research, MLF´s work illuminates hidden natural forces that surround us and break the boundaries to worlds beyond our senses.

London-based collective Marshmallow Laser Feast has emerged as one of the leading virtual reality creators in the recent years. The company employs their signature pointillist aesthetic in real-time VR experiences, and explore perspectives that are inaccessible to the human senses. Their first VR piece, In the Eyes of the Animal has been exhibited around the world at festivals, and their latest project Treehugger Wawona was awarded the 2017 Tribeca Storyscapes Award.

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