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Odyssée Dao
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Odyssée Dao

I Remember

Signed on back
Watercolour, gouache, ecoline, plexiglass 
84 x 60 cm
Created in 2019
This work is unique 

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Wisdom and Nature (15/20)


Vivarium/I Remember is both a painting and a sculpture.

Here, two strong symbols of primitive, earthly life are brought together as a sacred relic and a bygone era. The couple’s walk and the lush tropical forest are put under a bell, like specimen to be preserved.

This piece symbolizes a universal moment for human beings bound by love and the precious memory of intact nature at the level of our collective consciousness.

Its protective casing reveals a paradox between the idealistic notion of a possible harmony and symbiosis between humans and nature, and humankind viewing itself as an endangered species, yet taking on the role of dominant predators, ultimately leading to its own downfall.


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