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Kohekohe Love

Certificate of Authenticity, signed by artist
Four Canson infinity platine fibre rag prints, diasec mounted 
252 x 60 cm
Photographed in 2019
Edition 1 of 11 + Artist Proof

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Wisdom and Nature (13/20)


A Danish-born, New Zealand-based botanical artist, Mamakan works with large-scale photography, public installations and interactive experiences involving touch, taste and scent.

New Zealand/Aotearoa was the last major landmass to be discovered by humans. The native flora is unique as it evolved in isolation for millions of years and eighty percent of the trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic, found only in New Zealand.

KoheKohe is the Maori name for the beautiful native tree, Dysoxylum spectabile. The Kohekohe flowers are rarely seen as the tree doesn’t flower every year. When it does blossom, its small white flowers allude to the most exquisite fragrances imaginable. In this work, the flowers seem to spell the word ‘love’, hence the title. The flower specimens, once collected, were immersed in water, under natural light, referencing life between the sea and the sky.

Mamakan is a botanical artist working with art, cuisine and nature. She is originally from Aarhus, Denmark of nordic Vølve-Viking decent and has deep Scandinavian roots. 

Today. Mamakan is based in Parau, a forested area west of Auckland, New Zealand, where she creates contemporary fine art photography and multi-sensory art/food installations and exhibitions.

Mamakan's art practice could best be described as 'GastroGeography' - the taste of a place. Her sensory artworks and collaborative projects amplify nature and aim to create a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

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