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Takako Matoba

Life / Death

Signed on front and certificate of authenticity provided with artwork 
Archival pigment ink, kozo paper, beeswax, twig, monofilament thread 
150 x 75 cm
Created in 2016
Edition 1 of 7

This auction has now ended

Wisdom and Nature (5/20)


Takako Matoba´s practice responds to the intangible forces of life and the interconnectedness of all things, in particular how the environment affects the way we feel and how we affect the environment.

The translucency and verticality of this work echoes Japanese shoji and scrolls. The images in Life / Death were chosen from images taken over six months of daily walks in Northern California’s Redwood Regional Park. Within these photographs we see life and death. Life is vegetation, Earth and water. Death is unnatural elements, resource extraction or land abuse.

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