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Roee Aminof

Yagata Ve Matzata Taamin

Signed on front 
African wood, acrylic and gold markers 
120 x 100 cm
Created in 2019
This work is unique

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Wisdom and Nature (10/20)


Drawing inspiration from nature, Roee Aminof journeys into the nature reserve in his backyard, the mountains and wild desert of northern Israel where he was born, in ‘search of the heart’. These explorations have taught the artist that there is not always an answer, but that the answer is the journey itself.

“I trust in nature and its treasures full of healing and love, therefore I allow myself to go on a deep journey in my consciousness during these nature excursions”. One such journey, revealed the shapes, colors and the story from which Yagata Ve Matsata Taamin was born. This familiar proverb derived from ancient Jewish texts translates into ‘Seek and you shall find’.

Aminof likens his process of creating a painting to processes in nature from which entire worlds are built- dense, slow, layer upon layer until the whole is revealed.


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