Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Bakul Patki

23 FEBRUARY 2023 - 09 MARCH 2023
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34. Elle Pickering

Memory I

Gelatin Silver Print (Film Developed with Seaweed)



Original Artwork

Signed on Verso 

Curated by Bakul Patki

This auction has now ended

Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Bakul Patki (34/36)



Using the medium of fine art photography, Elle Pickering explores our relationship with nature and memory. Being always heavily influenced by her background in painting, her work currently focuses on the use of vintage film and printing techniques in the darkroom. Specifically, she is experimenting with replacing traditional chemicals with plant based materials and food waste to make her darkroom more sustainable.

In the last fifteen years, Elle’s work has been exhibited internationally, featured in leading publications, and she has been commissioned by a diverse range of both private and public clients. Her love for the natural world has seen her spend extensive periods exploring & photographing remote landscapes. She has also dedicated a substantial amount of time to working with leading social enterprises and charities helping to create a more sustainable future. Her studio is in Camden, North London.


BA (Hons) Fine Art. University of The West of England, Bristol.

Statement about Works Submitted for Auction

These pieces are inspired by Elle’s late father’s drawings of rocks, many of which she discovered in his studio following his recent unexpected passing. He was able to identify an incredibly unique beauty and calm in their eroding forms, often likening their subtle and minute imperfections to the problems humans face on a daily basis, and their relative irrelevance to our wider state of being within the universe.

Elle draws parallels between the curves, crevices, folds and textures of these eroding, evolving rocks and the ageing process of our bodies; something she sees as more worthy of celebration than fear.

The films were processed with a bespoke developer she made using seaweed (foraged from the Sussex coast where these images were shot) as opposed to the use of traditional chemicals.

You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any works. In doing so, you endanger our relationships with artists, and directly jeopardise the charitable work we do. Anyone found doing so will be subject to legal action. 

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