Bigger Pleasures

22 APRIL 2021 - 13 MAY 2021
Nell Mitchell, Gravestone for My Social Life, The Auction Collective
Nell Mitchell, Gravestone for My Social Life, The Auction Collective
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18. Nell Mitchell

Gravestone for My Social Life

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas
122 x 153 x 4 cm.
Created in March 2021


£550 - 1,100

This auction has now ended

Bigger Pleasures (18/36)


“I made this painting as an ode to my sketchbook work – where I primarily develop my work and piece ideas together using the written word and sketchy images filled with colour and mark making. So it was very important to me while scaling up that I emulate the same energy that I have in my sketchbook work. This piece in particular is like a journal of how I was feeling on one particular day; hungry for pizza, mourning the temporary loss of my social life, needing to pee so bad but not wanting to stop in the middle of a creative flow. It all sounds a bit ridiculous saying it out loud but I think that there is something so exciting about capturing an entire moment that at once only existed as words in my head, and making it into a tangible image filled with colour and movement and emotion.” - Nell Mitchell, 2020

"Within my work I try to convey themes of total honesty, and in doing so, view each piece of work that I make as a self portrait of sorts. I use bright and vivid colours and often produce work on a large scale in order to communicate emotions expressively. Moreover, in making my work with a stream of consciousness nature in mind, I aim to produce artwork that allows one to get to know me as a person as well as an artist. I view my work as a method of escapism and see humour and everyday themes as key components in this practise. Whilst I am fascinated with the theme of nostalgia, by contrast I view my work as totally present, changing and developing every day, akin to my own life.” - Nell Mitchell, 2021


Education: Glasgow School of Art BA Painting and Printmaking


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