Bigger Pleasures

22 APRIL 2021 - 13 MAY 2021
Lily German, The Auction Collective Lily German, Soft Relic, The Auction Collective Lily German, Soft Relic, The Auction Collective Lily German, Soft Relic, The Auction Collective
Lily German, The Auction Collective
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29. Lily German

Soft Relic

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Ink on paper
70.5 x 50 cm.
Created in 2018


£200 - 400

This auction has now ended

Bigger Pleasures (29/36)


Soft Relic and Soft Relic II were made following time spent walking through frozen landscapes in Norway. These ink drawings are a starting place for explorations into solitary forms that sink into vast imaginary landscapes. They are the initial drawings for several large ceramic sculptures that have been made over the past three years.

Lily German is an artist based in London. Her work explores the shared fragilities and tactility of wet clay, ceramic and the voice. 

On-site field research in the form of drawing and writing are starting points for German’s sculptural practice. Drawing from memories of mud walks along the Thames riverbed, German solidifies passing, palpable, bodily moments and movements into her work; hands push in, fingers break through the clay’s cold flesh. Each mark made remains, becomes preserved in ceramic form.

Pressing at the limits of material, German’s sculptures hold within them the anticipation of their own breaking. Made to lean, to slump — resting close and in precarious positions — they wait. In performance, breath interjects, builds upon their posture. Like clay, the voice breaks, is vulnerable if not supported. At times guttural and other times soft, whispering, German uses elements of the sung and spoken to communicate emotion and physicality.

Across German’s practice, material, objects, breath are given support, only to a point: ever present in the work is a sense of control that German holds over their potential collapse.

Lily German lives and works in London.


Education: BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Recent performance and exhibitions: Back to Back at Bowes-Parris Gallery (2021); Losing Touch at Gerald Moore Gallery (2020); Was it for this the clay grew tall as part of Matter(ing) at Platform Southwark (2019); Relics (2018) a solo show at Colfe’s School at the end of a 2 year residency; Gentle Bodies as part of 2021 Concerts: Perception at APT Gallery, London (2018). 

Awards: Time, Space, Money (The Artists Information Company and Arts Council England). 


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