01 JUNE 2022 - 14 JUNE 2022
Idina Moncreiffe
Idina Moncreiffe
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29. Idina Moncreiffe


Oil on Canvas
180 x 130cm


£2,000 - 5,000

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Artist Statement: 

My practice involves working intuitively. Painting to me is similar to music. Timing is important. When working from observation, colours and lines sing out to me and I echo them. When painting visions from my mind I am often working spontaneously. With an interest in mythology and spiritualism, I like to make seen the unseen. My subject matter is often based around the human connection to nature and the spirit, sometimes blurring boundaries between the physical and nonphysical. Being present is important to me when I paint. I allow the medium to have a degree of agency. By not asserting full control over it, my work becomes an exploration of the dialogue between me and the materials I’m working with.


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