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27 FEBRUARY 2023 - 17 MARCH 2023
Anthropocene Bird
Anthropocene Bird
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2. Joe Rush

Anthropocene Bird

Signed on the front
Plaster Relief
90cm H 50cm W x  3cm D
number 21 of edition of 25


£1,000 - 1,500

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RISE - On the Brink Arts CIC Fundraiser (2/17)


Joe Rush, born 1960, is a British artist. he founded Mutoid Waste Company in 1984, an underground travelling collective of artists. That same year he launched the first ‘Installation part’ in the disused Kings Cross coach station. Throughout the 1980s he built techno industrial post-apocalyptic sculptures at the free party and festival scene. Before leaving the UK he made 'The Car Henge, at the stone circle in Glastonbury.
He travelled across Europe setting up free parties with huge performing animatronic fire sculptures, one famous party was at the Berlin Wall as it came down.
After Rush returned to the UK he and his Mutoid crew became more involved with robotics and animation. 

In 2012 Kim Gavin commissioned Rush to art direct the creation of the vehicles, mobile stages and props of the paralympic closing ceremony.
He became a fundamental part of the epic visual installations in Glastonbury
May 2021 he produced ‘The Theatre of Waste’ at the ballroom, Fulham town hall
October 2021, he and his crew created ‘The G7 Mount Recyclemore’ made in Cornwall and rebuilt at the Eden project

His most recent work, is called ‘The Unnatural History Museum’

The era of the "Anthropocene" succeeds the "Age of Reptiles". The modern reality is now defined by the impact of Humans on the Earth.Homo Sapiens becomes "Consumerus",the planet overheats, the asphalt gallops and the flora turns to cement.The mass of plastic produced now weighs more than that of the marine and terrestrial fauna.In palliative care, the Mezozoic, era of the "New Life", blows out the candles of the sixth mass extinction.Faced with this "apocalyptic biological annihilation", Joe Rush imagines a mutant rebirth of speciesfrom the remnants of our industrial society.Parodying the traditional museography of the Natural History Museum, he creates a surrealistic and humorous paleontology born of an impossible evolution.The fruit of an unnatural Darwinism, half-machines, half-animals,his works feed on the carcasses of our civilization of hyper-consumption.



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