RISE - On the Brink Arts CIC Fundraiser

27 FEBRUARY 2023 - 17 MARCH 2023
Duke of Yorks
Duke of Yorks
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9. Jessy Plant

Duke of Yorks-Picturehouse

Acrylic painting on canvas
40cm x 40cm


£80 - 125

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RISE - On the Brink Arts CIC Fundraiser (9/17)


Jessy Plant

Brighton-born artist, now living and working in Stroud. I studied Fine Arts at Cardiff Metropolitan University where I met my partner, who is also an artist.
Over recent years my visual language has developed into two interwoven styles. Focused on the process behind what it is to be an artist while pushing the compositional possibilities of abstraction. This practice built a foundation, with which I now present personal memories. Painting photoreal silhouettes on top of the abstract compositions that they inspired. The abstract/ photoreal silhouettes that I create thus far rely on a personal connection with the subject matter. Colourful compositions reflect a memory or emotional attachment, with the silhouette acting as a translation for the abstraction. Helping me to put out into the world my synesthetic experience of everything around me.


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