RISE - On the Brink Arts CIC Fundraiser

27 FEBRUARY 2023 - 17 MARCH 2023
Jubilee Line- No Smirking
Jubilee Line- No Smirking
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15. Dr D

Jubilee Line- No Smirking

Signed Blind Stamped
Screen Print A3 on 240msg Fine Art Paper
Edition of 100


£40 - 60

This auction has now ended

RISE - On the Brink Arts CIC Fundraiser (15/17)


Dr. D is a legend of street art subversion, using his insightful observations to ‘doctor’ everything from big brand billboards to political posters. Each ‘rip’ forms a defiant protest and a good kick up the backside to those who choose to look on.

Dr D’s subverted images often appear with perfect timing to respond to current affairs and social debate, and are a paradox by definition; each piece charged with a powerful passivity. Indeed, the artist’s mischievous mode of social commentary is clear to see for those who are actually willing to take a look around- Dr. D urges you to raise an enlightened middle finger to the establishment!


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