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19. Suzy Moger

At the Jagged Edge

Signed with the artist’s initials ‘SM’ (lower right)
Oil on canvas 
50 x 50 cm.
Painted in 2018



£200 - 300
Shipping estimate
Sea-Fever (19/53)


At The Jagged Edge and Settled in Their Place are a development of Suzy Moger’s ‘Surfacing Paintings’ in which the Dorset artist explores the relationship between one’s sense of self and place. It is an exploration of an individual’s identity in the geography that surrounds them. In this case it is the Dorset coastline and, by returning to the subject time and time again, the artist is able to connect more closely to the land and the sea that surrounds her.

Using varying intensities of diluted oil paint, Suzy builds up the scene to create a dramatic image of the coastline. A multitude of blues pull back from the edge of the land mirroring the iconic contours of the Jurassic coastline and the depths of the water.

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