Studio Sale | Grace Crabtree

17 JANUARY 2022 - 08 FEBRUARY 2022
Grace Crabtree, Catchfly Lullaby (1) Grace Crabtree, Catchfly Lullaby (3) Grace Crabtree, Catchfly Lullaby (4) Grace Crabtree, Catchfly Lullaby (4)
Grace Crabtree, Catchfly Lullaby (1)
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13. Grace Crabtree

Catchfly Lullaby

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas, unframed
60 x 46 cm
Painted in 2020


£200 - 300

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Grace Crabtree (13/15)


“The night-flowering catchfly opens at the fall of night, releasing a strong fragrance, imagined here as a potion dropped by an unknown hand into the sleeping figure’s eyes. With it I allude to the love potion in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and to the disorientation of sleep-states or dream-states. ‘Catchfly Lullaby’ was created within in a loose series featuring fragments of figures in fictional interior spaces, reoccurring across the series but never quite meeting.” – Grace Crabtree, 2020

Grace Crabtree is a figurative painter whose work shifts between historical and contemporary references, and between the human figure and landscape. Grace draws from traditions of fresco and icon painting, developing an individual style using egg tempera, which provides the paintings with a delicate and luminous quality. This studio sale offers some earlier works which bring a contemporary twist to ancient myths and stories, and more recent paintings inspired by the landscapes of West Dorset and the Lake District.

Grace Crabtree is an artist based in Bridport, West Dorset. Since graduating from the Ruskin School of Art in 2019, Grace has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions, and undertaken two artist residencies (DRAWinternational, Caylus, France, and Zaratan AIR, Lisbon, Portugal). She is currently enrolled on a second year of the Turps Correspondence Course.


Turps Correspondence Course (2021-22; 2020-21); Ruskin School of Art (BFA Hons) (2016-19); Falmouth School of Art (Foundation) (2015-16).

Selected Exhibitions: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, Turps Correspondence Course 20/21 (online), 2021. SWAc Annual Open Exhibition, South West Academy, Devon, 2021. Small Pleasures II, All Mouth Gallery (online), 2021. Life on Venus I (2020), II & III, The Tub & virtual auction at The Auction Collective (online), 2021. New Narratives, Literary and Scientific Institute, Bridport, Dorset, 2020.

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