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04 JUNE 2021 - 20 JUNE 2021
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2. Max Siedentopf


Terracotta pot, olive tree and soil 
105 × 27 × 27 cm 
Created in 2020. 

Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.


£50 - 200

This auction has now ended

19 Chairs (2/37)


Remember the early life of the chair, before it got assembled into something to sit on, long before it was cut into geometrical planks held together by a few dozen screws, this very chair started out as a little seedling below the earth which grew into a beautiful tree out in nature’s wild. To give this chair new life I decided to perform a very complicated magic trick which turned the chair back into a younger and more rebellious version of itself.” - Max Siedentopf 

Max Siedentopf is a London based visual artist who works across video, photography, sculpture, creative direction and everything in between. From 2013 - 2020 Max has been creative director of the “legendary and unorthodox" creative agency Kesselskramer. (Words of Max Siedentopf)




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