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09 DEC 2020 7:00 PM - 09 DEC 2020 7:00 PM
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50 x £50 - Lot 38, Heath Kane, Young Messiah
50 x £50 - Lot 38, Heath Kane, Young Messiah

38. Heath Kane

Young Messiah

Signed, dated and titled (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 x 3.5 cm.
Painted in 2020.


£50 - 500

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50 x £50 (38/50)


Echoing his mother words "somewhere I must gone wrong raising you", Heath has not been one to stay on the straight and narrow path. With an insatiable curiosity for oddities and irregularities in life, Heath’s eyes are always open finding new things.

Born in Australia, Heath quickly took flight to explore the world in his early 20’s. During that time has been working at the forefront of design, working for many of the world’s leading advertising and branding agencies.

Now turning his attention back to art, his debut collection draws inspiration from his commercial art background and origins of urban art – a blend of design and art. His approach follows the practice of design thinking, with a focus on creating simple, iconic and memorable pieces that have the ability to tell stories and are linked to a larger narrative. Within the, often lurid colour, artwork he tries to distill subtle but often subversive themes.

Current exhibitions: The heART Project, Online Charity Event, Online, 2020. Power Play, Clerestory Gallery/4 Flavors, Montclair, USA, 2020.
Recent exhibitions: Plastic Free July, The Plastiki Expedition, London, UK, 2020. Secret Postcard Auctions, Art on a Postcard, London, UK, 2020. Art x Valentine's, East Art Fair, London, UK, 2020. Salon des Beaux Arts 2019, SNBA, Paris, France, 2019. Diversion Ahead, The Nave, London, UK, 2019. East Art Fair, East Art Fair, London, UK, 2019. The Other Art Fair - NY, The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, USA, 2019. Can I Get a Slice, Atom Gallery, London, UK, 2019.

You can see more of Heath Kane's artwork at his website and Instagram.   


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