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50 artworks at £50


7:00 AM

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The Auction Collective presents 50 x £50, a curated fine art auction of 50 artworks each with starting prices at £50.

Born from a burning desire to open up fine art collecting to more people, regardless of their background or their financial situation, The Auction Collective have sent 50 canvases to 50 artists leading the field of the UK’s art scene.

United in their commitment to create cutting edge contemporary art, yet also open up the joys of art collecting to more people, all 50 artists are transforming the canvases in their creativity styles and have agreed to sell each one at £50 in this exceptional auction. 

An online auction that is open to all, 50 x 50 is a very unique opportunity to buy high quality artwork, from some of the most talented artists working today, well below the artist’s market value.

All 50 canvases have been generously supplied by The Artist's Surface Company

Monthly Payment
Monthly payment options are available for all artwork in this auction. Contact The Auction Collective for more information. 

Bidding Enquiries
[email protected]

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