Art for Relief II

02 NOVEMBER 2021 - 23 NOVEMBER 2021
Al Petelin
Al Petelin
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16. Al Petelin

Someone is watching

'Someone is watching'
Mixed media on canvas 
54,5 x 46,5 х 2 cm 


£250 - 500

This auction has now ended

Art for Relief II (16/25)


Al Petelin says "- art is like a dangerous improvised intuitive dance of beauty and balance with paradox chaos and grandeur in the half-light of madness with butterfly" the artist does not like to reveal and express any words about his work, believing that all words, no matter how deep and penetrating they are, all explanations and word limit and drive all understanding and feelings into a certain framework of understanding these explanations and words.', and painting does not need this because it is already a language in itself. In his work, the artist is guided by intuition based on associations and the free flow of consciousness, defining it as exploring beauty and balance in improvisation

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