Art for Relief II

02 NOVEMBER 2021 - 23 NOVEMBER 2021
Untitled, Ala Jazayeri
Untitled, Ala Jazayeri
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10. Ala Jazayeri


Oil on canvas
25 x 30 cm


£250 - 400

This auction has now ended

Art for Relief II (10/25)


Born in Iran three years after the Iranian Revolution and one year after the commencement of the Iran-Iraq war, Ala Jazayeri's recent work explores the relationship between place, memory, and dislocation in connection to the emotional and affective investments they provoke and generate. 

“Coming from Iran I am interested in the different ways in which cultures and cultural practices shape and impact the way we relate to our own bodies and the specific forms of awareness and consciousness which pertain to our disparate lived bodily experiences. I am particularly interested in issues around bodily comportment and the nature of the relations one has to one’s own body and how comportments and relations can exemplify and inhabit different social and religious values, norms and ways of being in the world.”



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