Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 - 25 OCTOBER 2021
Millie Amber Millie Amber
Millie Amber
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24. Millie Amber

Pretty on the Inside

65 x 38 cm
Embroidered Wall Hanging
Created in 2021
This work is unique


£500 - 750

This auction has now ended

Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction (24/31)


Millie is an illustrator and textile artist living and working in London. Her practice focuses mainly on hand embroidery. Millie’s work is decorative and intricate, often revolving around poetic narratives, romantic symbolism and celebrating femininity. She draws inspiration from nature, folk art, mythology and the esoteric.

The piece I’ve made is a hand embroidered and beaded banner, drawing inspiration from the lyrics across the album. I was particularly drawn to the vulnerability and rawness expressed throughout. I wanted to reflect the way that Hole juxtaposed concepts of traditional femininity with brutality and aggression and I feel the medium of embroidery is a great expression of that contrast due to its common perception of being ‘women’s work’ and the subversive ways it has been used throughout history.

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