Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 - 25 OCTOBER 2021
Sade English
Sade English
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27. Sade English

Pretty on the Inside

102 x 80 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas
Created in 2021
This work is unique


£2,000 - 3,000

This auction has now ended

Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction (27/31)


Sade English is a London based visual and wearable independent conceptual Artist, Curator, Designer and Creative Director of ANTICLONE. Anticlone a concept which defines to not conform to suit society. The colour black is common throughout each collection, both visual and wearable works which is symbolic and plays homage to her African ancestry. Clean minimalism and structured draping has become a signature style and an abstract aesthetic in her storytelling through each collection of works, in both visual art and design. Inspiration is drawn from Afro-futurism and Sade’s personal unique heritage of Andean and African ancestry exploring ANTICLONE as a movement and concept though art, design, photography and film. 

2020 was the year of transitioning, loss, evolution, cleansing and acceptance for myself as an artist, as well as for the world during the Pandemic. The song ‘Loaded’ by Hole was on repeat whilst creating this piece. The lyrics specifically;

Open my scar, let out my stars

Slut me open and suck my scars

And now I'm loaded

Yeah, now I'm loaded: 

We all are healing, and have scars whether physical or mental. This painting is a literal physical representation of this. Society is processing, healing as one.

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