Help Ukraine: Without Reserve

18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
Zoe Sim
Zoe Sim
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6. Zoe Sim


Signed (on the reverse)
Digital infrared print on Supergloss paper mounted on Dibond
95 x 80 cm.
Created in 2017
This work is unique. 


£1,400 - 2,000

This auction has now ended

Help Ukraine: Without Reserve (6/50)


This photograph was created using an infrared camera, in Gstaad, Switzerland.

As Zoe Sim, the 2018 Chelsea School of Art graduate explains "I use digital infrared photography to oversaturate landscapes into pink worlds. False-colour infrared photography has a dark history, as it was invented by the military for camouflage detection in the 1940s. However, the aesthetics of pink can trigger contradictory emotions because pink is associated with many politically charged stereotypes."

Her interest in the colour pink started with an exploration into its use in enforcing gender stereotypes throughout society. This investigation led to more than just a fascination with the colour's place in history, Zoe now uses pink to deal with anxiety. 

"I have found pink to be a challenging colour, it creates strong reactions and complicates artworks in a way no other colour can. My intention is to subvert pink’s usual position in the world and use infrared in a different context; I feel I am able to rediscover its abilities to be ambiguous by creating work that documents nature differently."

Zoe Sim is a 2018 graduate of Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. She has an Art and Design Foundation from MET College Brighton. Her work has already been exhibited in Paris, Brighton and London.  


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