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18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
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henry main
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16. Henry Woolway


Acrylic on panelled rag paper
500m x 390mm


£450 - 675

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Help Ukraine: Without Reserve (16/50)


'I've been creating the Perspectives paintings since early 2020. These paintings are made up of painted panels which are overlapping, each row is overlapping the opposite way to the one underneath which gives a different look to the painting from the right and left. This piece is one of my first Perspectives on paper. Its framed in a smooth black frame with museum glass.'

Henry Woolway’s wide ranging body of work is a candid look at this relationship with life experiences both recent and from his childhood growing up in Cornwall, England. Visually taking aesthetics from Scandinavian and European design and culture as well as Early mid century modern design. This tied in with simplistic and rudimental techniques gives the air of form over function or indeed a linear meaning to his work.

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