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18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
Luke Knight Luke
Luke Knight
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15. Luke Knight

Sunrise Rocks

Oil on board 
61 x 61cm


£300 - 500

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Help Ukraine: Without Reserve (15/50)


I enjoy a  physical approach to painting, saturating the board or canvas with oil allowing it to dry, and stripping back by scrubbing, sanding, and scraping the surface to create and reveal detail and texture.  The kernel of these paintings is time spent in the sea and the Cornish coastline. Painted in the studio, they are informed by the dynamic nature and ever-changing light of the Cornish coast.  The paintings are not, however, paintings of geography, that is to say, they do not have a specificity of place but rather they are autobiographical, the paintings are born out of an amalgamation of experience, informed by time spent in the Cornish environment and in the sea.  When painting I look to balance contrasts in application of paint as well as contrasts in tone and colour. I am much influenced by American tonalists in the use of soft light and atmosphere whilst promoting the use of rich colours, this  creates a delicacy of emotion and light within paintings and is something I hope these painting convey.  


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