32. Kate Brinkworth

Playboy Strip (3)

oil on panel
41 x 28 cm.
Painted in 2012


This painting stems from the artist's curiosity in films, particularly those directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Birmingham based artist, Kate Brinkworth takes inspiration from film, advertising and photography to create her unique compositions. The subject matter, the representation of objects associated with vice, is inspired by the artist's visits to Las Vegas. 

Painted in varying degrees of focus, her expert photo-realist technique and the smooth, glossy finish of her painting tricks the viewer into believing the work is a photograph.


Kate Brinkworth lives and works in Birmingham. She is a First Class Honours graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Her first major solo show took place in 2001 at Britart Gallery, London. Her work has been widely exhibited ever since across the world including Alon Zakaim Fine Art in London. Kate is the winner of the Westgate Prize (2004). 

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