17. Antony 'H' Haylock

For the Love of Pop

Signed (on the reverse)
Silver paint and screen print ink on canvas
100 x 100 cm. 
Created in 2018
This work is from a series of five screen prints.


Andy Warhol's wig and Damien Hirst's skull are combined in this artist's celebration of pop art. 

For the Love of Pop was born from Antony 'H' Haylock's fascinating with the pop genre and how it has changed through history. 

Andy Warhol developed the genre by creating artwork from iconic figures in contemporary culture. Later, recognising his own rise in status as an icon, he created a series of self-portraits wearing a 'fright wig'. H draws similarities in this rise to icon status with Damien Hirst who had a similar approach to icons as Warhol. In H's view both Hirst and Warhol ultimately became subjects for themselves. 

From this, H blended Hirst's Love of God, a skull of 8,601 diamonds, with a Warhol self-portrait to create the hommage to pop art's evolution: For the Love of Pop.


Antony Haylock, works under the name 'H' and studied graphics in the 1980s. During the 1980s H worked with the artist Pez to produce artwork for the first flyers and art installations of the UK Rave Scene. Today H's style draws upon Pop Art from the 60’s; lucidly combined with potent irony of the 90’s YBA’s. In summing up his style, he describes it as "abstract realism with a generous dollop of pop art on top”. His artwork is collected internationally. 

H is also including Bang Goes Pop 2 in the auction. 

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