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Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes

16 JAN 2020 12:00 AM
The Koppel Project, 49 Poland St, W1F 7ND
Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes - Lot 23, Billy Bagilhole, Papur wal ‘lle yn yr byd mae hyn?’
Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes - Lot 23, Billy Bagilhole, Papur wal ‘lle yn yr byd mae hyn?’

23. Billy Bagilhole

Papur wal ‘lle yn yr byd mae hyn?’

30 x 30 cm.
Created September 2018
This artwork is number 1 from an edition of 5


£100 - 200

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Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes (23/31)


Contemporary artist Billy Bagilhole created this artwork for the Welsh indie trio Papur Wal. Made for their 2019 EP lle yn yr byd mae hyn? (Where in the world is this?) the work comprises of tropes from Billy's previous paintings.

"I created the illustrations whilst listening to the album and drawing about 100 illustrations free hand with a wet paint brush and black paint. They are symbols that I often use throughout my own painting practice. I then chopped up the illustrations and re-assembled them on a close crop of my painting The hollow moon"

Bagilhole predominantly works with painting and filmmaking. Often covering canvases with salt and thick paint, his work is gestural, somewhat nostalgic and often abstracted. Billy deliberately obfuscates meaning and hides metaphor within his work. ​

The attraction to painting for Billy is the ability to create the unknown, the unimaginable and the uncanny to create a sense of bewilderment.

Billy Bagilhole grew up in a household full of his father’s paintings and prints, from a young age drawing Native Americans, animals, religious figures imitating those images crated by his father upon the walls. They continue to be a fascination as his father passed away when he was 6 in the year of 2001.


Chelsea College of Arts 2017, First Class Honours.

Awards: Winner of the Peter Pendergast Drawing Prize, 2014. Awarded 7th place in the WJEC Marking Regime for Foundation Diploma Courses across the UK. Finalist in the Galeri Caernarfon Open Exhibition, 2014. Selected for the Welsh Biennale Nova Art Prize 2017. Nominated for the Jonathan Harvey Studio Award, 2017.

Solo exhibitions: Juncture, Hoxton 253, 2019. Just William, Plas Glyn y Wedde Gallery, 2019.

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