Rhythm Adjust

21 MAY 2021 - 11 JUNE 2021
Emilie Pugh, Pink Moon, The Auction Collective Emilie Pugh, Pink Moon, The Auction Collective
Emilie Pugh, Pink Moon, The Auction Collective
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20. Emilie Pugh

Pink Moon

Signed (lower right), editioned (lower left)
Giclee print of Chemigram on Canson Baryta Gloss paper 
56 x 42 cm.
Framed: 60 x 46 cm.  
Created in 2021 
This artwork is from an edition of 3.


£600 - 900

This auction has now ended

Rhythm Adjust (20/37)


"A chemigram is an experimental technique where an image is made by painting, dripping or submerging light-sensitive paper in chemicals. I use conventional photographic chemicals - developer, fixer and stop - applied in the wrong order. The moon is created by placing a cylindrical object on the paper and exposing it to daylight. The paper remains white underneath the object where it has been obscured from the light. Then I begin the process of submerging the paper into different chemicals, sometimes only partially, and for different amounts of time. It is an unpredictable and exciting process that leaves a lot down to chance." - Emilie Pugh, 2021

Emilie Pugh’s work is guided by an interest in the interconnectivity of all living things. It draws on systems of belief from the spiritual to the scientific, the micro to the macro and the conflicting or confluent universal forces that govern them.

In order to press her perceptions into tangible form Emilie experiments with a wide range of mediums and processes, from unconventional methods of mark making using incense sticks, soldering irons, chemicals and light, to the more conventional pen and ink.

Emilie Pugh is drawn to the tranquility within nature and man and the ancient sensibilities of beauty, philosophy and science. She is interested in capturing the ephemeral nature of things,  as she says;  ‘we exist in a state of flux’  ( Michael Goedhuis)

Emilie Pugh was born in London in 1988 and studied at Byam Shaw School of Art and at the Ruskin School of Art and Drawing at Oxford University. She currently lives and works in London. Past solo shows include : ‘Force Fields’ , Tomasso Brothers , Michael Goedhuis Gallery, London, 2019, 'Motions of the Mind', Michael Goedhuis Gallery, London, 2017, ’Topologies' , Hunter/Whitfield Gallery, Clerkenwell, London , 2016 ‘States of Becoming' , The Cob Gallery, London, 2016. 


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