Rhythm Adjust

21 MAY 2021 - 11 JUNE 2021
liber-lewis, The Auction Collective Anna Lieber Lewis , Thinking About Breath (part of the NO series) Anna Lieber Lewis , Thinking About Breath (part of the NO series) Anna Lieber Lewis , Thinking About Breath (part of the NO series)
liber-lewis, The Auction Collective
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21. Anna Liber Lewis

Thinking About Breath (part of the NO series)

Pastels on 300gsm paper
56 x 38 cm.
Created in 2021


£600 - 900

This auction has now ended

Rhythm Adjust (21/37)


“This new work on paper has come out of a series of text works. With a formal framework in place I have been considering the effects of colour and the concept of boundaries in the composition. These works are deeply personal and I am really excited about them: they are bringing me to a place where I can play with the complex themes in my work in a fresh and exciting way. After a very long period of ill health, I finally found space in my life to listen to my body, but also gather my experiences in painting and image making to find a sweet spot. The current works on paper are originals and not intended to be studies for paintings, but a meditation in colour; an intuitive study on the complex effect visual art has on the nervous system.” - Anna Liber Lewis, 2021

Lewis’ artistic output is often centred around female sexuality and challenging representations of woman by men.  Colour and shape are essential to her work, but it resists classification as the complex relationship between a desire for personal agency and the need to constantly redefine the space required to house that autonomy. The paintings shift between what is seen and what is felt; somewhere between control and surrender, they morph between the act of looking and the manifestation of a sensation; be that flirtatious glances, desire or defiance.  

Liber Lewis describes painting as an attitude: “It serves as a physical intelligence and makes the most sense when described in relation to the body. It’s the excess of energy that if given the chance might hit or fuck you. It’s about marks and scale and surface and form and colour and how those things affect you. Each painting comes from an encounter.” 


Education: Liber Lewis was given a full scholarship from The Genesis Foundation to study at the RCA and graduated with an MFA in 2015. She holds a BA from Central Saint Martins. 

Awards: In 2017 she won the Griffin Art Prize and the Young Contemporary Talent Prize supported by the Ingram Collection. 

Solo exhibitions: In 2019 her first London solo show ‘Muscle Memory’ at Elephant West saw a collaboration with musician Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet. The exhibition drew on grief, movement, vibration and memory. Her work is held in several private collections worldwide. 


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