Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction

20 FEBRUARY 2022 - 09 MARCH 2022
Fuck It, 2021, by DD Regalo
Fuck It, 2021, by DD Regalo
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34. DD Relgado

Fuck It

Signed and dated on verso
Charcoal on raw canvas in black wood box tray frame
62cm x 52cm  



£900 - 1,000

This auction has now ended

Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction (34/54)


Dd Regalo is a Canadian London-based contemporary artist known for adapting poetry into abstract painting with a style that is both outwardly expressive and distinctly personal.

Applying both text and abstract gestural markings, this seemingly playful piece moves past naive rebellion in an attempt to capture the feeling of a specific moment - the moment you decide to go for it. It plays with the idea of surrender and flips it from a position of weakness to an opportunity for strength. The rhythmic tessellated circles fill the page with increasing vigour and represent letting go, and in doing so becoming fully immersed without inhibition.

Donated by: DD Regalo


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