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23 JUNE 2021
The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8FR Live Streamed Auction
Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever Top 100 Exhibition Install Shot yysw Charley Peters, Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever Charley Peters, Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever Charley Peters, Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever
Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever
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15. Charley Peters

Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Whatever

Signed, titled and dated (on reverse)
80 x 65 x 5 cm.
Acrylic on cotton canvas
Painted in 2021


£3,200 - 4,500
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The Top 100 (15/49)


Charley Peters makes paintings that are routed in the history of abstraction and haunted by a childhood spent watching too much TV.

“I grew up with an imagination being fed by Transformers cartoons, pixelated video games, heavy metal album sleeves and science fiction book covers. As an adult I found Krasner, Frankenthaler, Mitchell, Kelly and Newman in the art school library, and fell in love with their big, badass abstract paintings. I think about the paintings I make now as a mash up of all these things, remixed on a canvas as something new but also strangely familiar.” 

“My work reflects the graphically complex world in which we now live, where we simultaneously see multiple ‘windows’ on computer monitors, smartphones and digital tablets which display disparate images at once, each with their own temporal, spatial, and visual registers. I’m intrigued by the ways in which the once radical symbols of formal abstraction have become aestheticised signifiers of the dematerialised post-digital image world.”

“I think that my paintings are like abstract, interior landscapes from an imagination that sometimes prefers my painted, invented world to the real one. Everyone should have a place in the world and if you don’t fit into what’s already out there, you have the power to make your own.” - Charley Peters, 2021


Education: PhD Fine Art (Theory & Practice), De Montfort University.

Work included in The Catherine Petitgas Collection, the Priseman-Seabrook Collection and Private Collections in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy and Germany.

Member of the editorial board of Turps Banana painting magazine.Visiting tutor in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School, visiting painting mentor at Turps Art School and Postgraduate Senior Lecturer at University of the Arts London.

Recent Exhibitions: Saatchi Gallery (London), Eagle Gallery at London Art Fair (London), Hauser & Wirth. Showroom (London), Fold Gallery (London), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome), Yantai Art. Museum (Yantai), Art 2 (New York) and National Museum of Gdansk (Gdansk). Clients include Facebook, ITV, House of Vans, Centrepoint, Boutique Kaotique, and Hospital Rooms.
Instagram: @charleypeters
Twitter: @charley_peters

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