01 JUNE 2022 - 14 JUNE 2022
Happy Place
Happy Place
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1. Davina Bosanquet

Happy Place

Oil on Fabric
100 x 90 cm.

This piece was created by remembering a happy place climbing trees and playing make-believe as a child.  Our sense of play growing up can be forgotten as adults with the burden of everyday life. Childhood experiences can often mould us into the adults we become, trauma or issues growing up can feed into our adult life, but we can look to children to teach us about play and how important having fun is, about embracing the wonders of nature and of course, love.


£2,000 - 5,500

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Davina Bosanquet (b.1981) is a visual artist with a passion for animals, she has done solo exhibitions in support of conservation projects in Gabon, Namibia and Brazil.  She is also interested in the theme of cultural identity.  She has exhibited widely in galleries, fairs and competitions across the UK and internationally.  Davina studied portraiture in London and attended art school in Edinburgh and Bournemouth. She has lived and worked in Dorset, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and London.  While living in Cape Town she worked in various townships helping to teach local artists and was involved in setting up an exhibition space in Ikhaya la Langa.

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