01 JUNE 2022 - 14 JUNE 2022
Nathalie Hollis
Nathalie Hollis
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4. Nathalie Hollis

Feeding the Machine Will Only Make It Greedier

Oil and Pastel on canvas
87 x 112 cm


£3,500 - 4,500

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Nathalie Hollis (b.1994, UK) translates visual scenes into physical experiences through lyrical and expressive mark-making. Often drawing from theatre and performance, her work harnesses the urgency and dynamism of life in movement, articulating on paper lives moving in sticky synchronicity. Capturing the immediacy of the medium, Nathalie’s drawings tread the careful line between chaos and composure. Hollis' most recent work predominantly features lovers and fighters.

Artist Statement:

This work is part of a recent series with figures wriggling, wrestling, threshing, and mutating together. Bodies lose boundaries and transmute to new forms bound by both tension and softness. There is a physicality near ferocity in the mark-making, with each strike acting as the pulse of the work, putting it into living motion.

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