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5. Chris Tuff

Lonely Cloud

Chromogenic print on archival fine art paper 
38 x 51 cm. 
Number 1 from the edition of 12 
Created in 2017 and printed in 2018


£250 - 450
Shipping estimate
Sea-Fever (5/53)


Chris Tuff, a Cornish based artist, works internationally and has his photographs exhibited across the globe. Chris captured Lonely Cloud, a surreal-like image, at Kennack Sands on the Lizard Peninsula of South Cornwall.

“I had been watching the sky for an hour or two when a perfectly formed single cloud drifted away from others and floated, isolated above the calm sea.”

For Chris, photography is about “revealing, evoking the spirit, or capturing the evanescent mood and moment of a place - its power, drama, beauty or serenity, whatever I happen to feel about it at that instant.”

The artist’s interest in photography began at a very early age. By his ninth birthday he was already processing and printing his own film using an ancient Kodak No1-A folding camera handed down to him from his Grandfather.

Chris Tuff will have his photographs exhibited at the 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona in October 2018.

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