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49. Paul West


Acrylic painting on canvas board
Each: 19.5 x 19.5 cm. 
Each: signed and dated ‘Paul 16’ (lower right) 
Painted in 2016 
Each sold with a certificate of authenticity


£800 - 1,000
Shipping estimate
Sea-Fever (49/53)


The East London based artist, Paul West, draws his creativity from the rugged landscapes of his Dorset roots and frequent travels around Northumberland:

“The seasons, the wildlife, the solitary tree to an ancient wood, they are all aspects of our own personality. It’s mysterious, beautiful and unforgiving. We’ve made our mark on the land in each generation; the landscape reminds me of our fleeting moment here, and it’s a pleasure to try to record that.”

Pebbles takes its inspiration from the stones dotted around Warkworth beach in Northumberland. Attracted by the intricate and delicate white lines of the quartz veins in the pebbles, the artist created a series of abstract paintings that highlight the contrasting colours. These representations of the pebbles celebrate the perfection of their unbroken lines –the fleeting moment of the quartz that left a permanent, yet beautiful, mark in the pebbles’ history.

These four paintings can be exhibited individually or as a group.


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