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40. Alex McIntyre

Seaside Daydream I

Signed, titled and dated (on the reverse) 
Light-fast acrylic ink, acrylic gesso, graphite powder and acrylic wax on marine ply 
154 x 100 cm. 
Painted in 2018



£1,800 - 2,800
Shipping estimate
Sea-Fever (40/53)


Alex McIntyre is a Hertfordshire based landscape artist that is continually pushing the boundaries of painterly practice, Seaside Daydream I and Seaside Daydream II are both perfect examples of this experimentation and her transition in creative approach.

The artist has built up the surface of the paintings using a combination of different media; inks, gessoes, graphite and wax have all been worked and reworked to create images that are full of movement, are deep with perspective and rippled with texture.

Although her landscapes are fictional scenes, intended for the viewer to create their own experiences and draw on their own memories, both of the Daydream paintings were painted after a walk in Northumberland. Reflecting on these images, we can feel ourselves transported to that Great British coastline: the shallow waters, tidal rips and white caps to the waves, a wild coastline unfolding under the dramatic and ever-changing sky.

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