Art Aid Ukraine

04 MAY 2022 - 17 MAY 2022
Dangerous Minds Artists 'Stop Me / Buy One' Dangerous Minds Artists 'Stop Me / Buy One' - scale / alternative position
Dangerous Minds Artists 'Stop Me / Buy One'
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8. Dangerous Minds Artists

Stop Me / Buy One

2 x perforated steel panels, wood panels, cellulose and acrylic paint and tech fixings 
2 x 100cm x 200cm x 4.5 cm.



£12,000 - 18,000

This auction has now ended

Art Aid Ukraine (8/56)


"This diptych, in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, but reversed, conveys a potent message. The fragility of Nationhood and An appellation to simultaneously acquire and destroy lethal weapons. Riffing on the childhood ice cream van slogan, STOP ME AND BUY ONE. 

The paired images depict the ubiquitous, globally recognised silhouette of the AK47... Simultaneously, the weapon of choice of the most barbaric oppressors and of the most fearless freedom fighters... In this iteration, the dot matrix parallax effect lends the image of the weapon a distorted dream like quality... a logo that resonates permanently in our collective subconscious".

DANGEROUS MINDS ARTISTS, was founded by Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart. The artists' distinctive work constantly refers and returns to the touchstones of light, beauty in decay, abandonment and antiquated typography.

Dangerous Minds practice is driven by duality. The pairs' intuitive subliminal dialogue centres on point and counterpoint and the production of works that are, fundamentally, aesthetically appealing and which, on further inspection, inspire curiosity and cause a ripple of intellectual stimulation. Subject matter is considered in depth, deconstructed then reformulated with an essential duality at its core. Often incorporating ambiguous or cryptic text elements relating to a parallel narrative.

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