Art Fundraiser LA | Timed Auction

21 OCTOBER 2020 - 13 NOVEMBER 2020
Shoog McDaniel, The Auction Collective
Shoog McDaniel, The Auction Collective
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34. Shoog McDaniel

Untitled (Swamp)

Digital print on paper
30 x 20 in. (76.2 50.8 cm.)
Printed in 2018


$200 - 400

This auction has now ended

Art Fundraiser LA | Timed Auction (34/60)


“Shoog McDaniel is a fat, queer Floridian freak who has been creating art in the swamps since early age.”-Shoog McDaniel, 2020. 

Inspired by Florida's existing flora and fauna and the beautiful fatties they photograph, making use of the colour and patterns around and creating alternative worlds to escape the one they're in. They are a photographer by trade and themes of nature worship and fat liberation can be seen throughout their work.

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