Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 - 25 OCTOBER 2021
Sarah Maxwell
Sarah Maxwell
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28. Sarah Maxwell

L.A. Flower

50 x 36 cm
Work on Paper
Created in 2021
This work is unique


£400 - 600

This auction has now ended

Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction (28/31)


Sarah Maxwell is an American comic artist and illustrator based in London. Her work ranges from fashion illustration to animated GIFs and comics. In her personal work Sarah often depicts scene's of intimacy and love between women. She describes her work as a page ripped from her diary, a true and authentic expression of life and love as a Lesbian. She loves pastels, flowers, and delicate things. The best way to describe her work is summed up in 4 key words: nostalgia, tenderness, femininity, and 80’s electronic music.

Pretty On The Inside is a spectrum of emotions and female themes. Rage, vanity, angst, sexuality… all from a female perspective. Who is this woman, in love with punk and beautiful things? For my piece, I wanted to tie in the femininity and grunge, with a hint of Los Angeles thrown in the mix. She’s the peroxide blonde of your dreams, who tastes of cigarettes and cherries. With her smeared lipstick and soft satin slip dress, she’ll leave you broken hearted and wanting more.

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