Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 - 25 OCTOBER 2021
Seana Redmond
Seana Redmond
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29. Seana Redmond

Pretty on the Inside

42 x 29 cm
Work on Paper
Created in 2021
This work is unique


£50 - 75

This auction has now ended

Courtney Love x Parliament Tattoo Charity Auction (29/31)


My work is about creative collaboration, curation and connecting with people. Collage is about creating a visual narrative with new and existing imagery. With there being so much constant visual stimulus and newness to absorb on a daily basis and at such a rapid speed, it can often feel overwhelming and difficult to digest. I wanted to find a way to be able to re use existing imagery to create something new; in some ways it is like recycling to create something else. It is also perhaps a form of escapism from the digital world. So much is done on screen now that I wanted to re-discover a therapeutic method to being creative. Collage is a slower process but there is a tactile and intimate quality to it that perhaps resonates with some people. I was inspired by the incredible doodles and illustrations for the ‘Pretty on the Inside’ vinyl and cd. I love the naivety and the free spirited nature of the artwork for the music. For me, freedom and being able to authentically embody oneself is true beauty.

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