Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor

17 JANUARY 2022 - 10 FEBRUARY 2022
Zanny Mellor Unearthed diptych Zanny Mellor Unearthed diptych Image 2
Zanny Mellor Unearthed diptych
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14. Zanny Mellor


Unique photograms (diptych)
Mounted on aluminium with black metal sub frames
20 x 35 cm x 3cm (total width including 5cm hanging space between the works)
(20 x 15 cm x 3cm each)


£750 - 1,100

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor (14/18)


Unearthed, a diptych of two small unique photograms references the quality of light in the Icelandic landscape, which developed an interest to explore light as a medium.Testing the boundaries between painting, photography and printmaking Zanny aims to challenge a reading of both material and image.  The photograms are made in the dark room where paint is rhythmically and repetitively added and removed, the shadows of which are fixed onto light sensitive paper into unique ‘multi-exposure paintings’. Chance is integral to the process of finding or unearthing an image that resonates.

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