Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction

20 FEBRUARY 2022 - 09 MARCH 2022
Thomas Wolski Fancy foot work
Thomas Wolski Fancy foot work
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50. Thomas Wolski

Fancy Footwork

Signature is hidden in the artwork
Freehand illustrated, marble dust and resin cast foot 
15cm x 11.5cm x  27cm 
Edition 1/1


£5,500 - 6,000

This auction has now ended

Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction (50/54)


Thomas Wolski is an award-winning British artist whose signature style comprises images within images, utilising iconic bold silhouettes that tease the eye as the hidden treasures within reveal themselves. Wolski featured several times in British Vogue and ITV’s iconic month long pride campaign, and has worked with global brands including Bentley, world famous football clubs, luxury fashion houses and skittles. He has quietly gained a cult following amongst a host of global A-list celebrities and collectors. As a result his works are rarely exhibited.

This iconic piece is one of two pieces donated to the Auction this year, and something we are all familiar with, but in true Wolski style has been transformed into a much more elaborate limb, a focus of fun and memories. The foot also represents fertility, eroticism and sexuality; something commonly hidden yet here now to be observed and appreciated. A cheeky chachki to glisten beautifully under lamp light on book case and the only foot you don’t mind up on your glass coffee table - a talking point for sure!

Primed and glossed in black and antique white, freehand illustrated in black UV ink. A spectacular glassy finish with beautiful dimensions. 

Donated by Thomas Wolski


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