01 JUNE 2022 - 14 JUNE 2022
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5. Mils Bridgewater


Gaffa Glass
19 x 12 cm.

'Bubble' speaks of the desire to protect while the fragility of glass addresses the vulnerability within us all.


£950 - 1,400

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Mils Bridgewater's work explores the themes of mortality and duplicity: mining personal experiences of remembrance, mortality and loss, she seeks to interrogate the position of mankind at the top of the animal kingdom. 

Bridgewater offers insight into feelings that are universally relatable but often remain buried. Constructed from wood, bones, fur and glass to symbolise memory and loss, she transforms these materials into tactile sculptures and multi-layered immersive installations. The materials are chosen specifically for their unique inherent qualities and these properties inform the work. 


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