The Big Issue, The Big Art Auction

04 NOVEMBER 2020
Bran Symondson, The Auction Collective Bran Symondson Bran Symondson Bran Symondson, The Auction Collective
Bran Symondson, The Auction Collective
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16. Bran Symondson

Can you spare any change please?

Gold pen on eight one dollar bill notes framed by Cane and Davis
Created in 2020


£1,500 - 2,500
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The Big Issue, The Big Art Auction (16/16)


Bran Symondson is considered to be one of the finest reportage photographers of the 21st Century. He joined the UK Special Forces and was immediately called up for a tour in Afghanistan.

Symondson’s unique artworks using AK47s derive from a simple premise: taking something of fear and loathing and turning it into something of beauty and intrigue. Bran is also known for his philanthropic work not only in heightening the awareness of worldwide issues through his photographs, but also raising money for different charities through the donation at art auctions. To date, he has raised more than £600,000 through his contributions, from the Human Rights Watch, World Wildlife Foundation to various military charities.

His pieces have been bought and collected internationally from the highly acclaimed artist Jake Chapman through to Elton John and the Prince of Bahrain.

Bran's dollar bill collaged is formed of real American dollar bill origami butterflies, each note is screen printed in his handwriting saying "Can you spare any change please". He repeated these words onto each dollar bill in Gold ink. Bran also cut out parts of the dollar bill and collaged them through-out the art piece.

Bran expressed his experience working in the city where he often sees war veterans who are homeless and on the streets and the indignity and vulnerability they must feel. He often uses currency and butterflies on his AK47 artworks, the butterflies represent the souls of those who are no longer with us, and this sadly ties in with the number of homeless who die on the streets every year. 

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