Lockdown 1.0. As two fidgety creatives (and brothers), we became drawn to and inspired by the stable, sturdy and decisively not ‘unprecedented’. We eventually found solace in the most predictable and humble of objects, the chair.

As an ode to this gloriously common furniture piece, the project’s first stage saw us design and build a unique chair a day over 19 days of lockdown. With most businesses shut, we embraced the simple materials available to us—27mm square-section timber and 40mm wood screws. We learnt two things: the bare essentials are all you need to create a unified collection… and our 27 times tables. 

The chairs were then shipped worldwide to 19 celebrated creatives, launching stage two of the project. We asked them to ‘reinvent, reimagine or redesign your chair with an older person in mind’. 

The brief, a nod to the work of Age UK, connected our collaborators with older members of the community who were experiencing the isolating effects of the pandemic deeply. On their behalf, the designers cut loose. Their creations were then packaged, ready for return. 

From our South London garden, to the world over and back again, we present 19 Chairs. 

19 Charis Air Chair

These chairs are one-of-a-kind pieces from the quarantines of the creative industry’s finest. But their final destinations will be decided by you in the online timed auction. From there, 19 Chairs will reach their journey’s end: shipped and delivered to their rightful owners. So pull up a chair and name your price.

- Tom Will Butterfield

Sabine Marcelis
28. Sabine Marcelis
Sculpture, 51.4 x 85.6 x 50.4 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£550
Current Bid:£0
Morag Myerscough 1
26. Morag Myerscough
Sun Chair
Sculpture, 73.6 x 110 x 64.1 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£300
Current Bid:£300
Brandon Carlton 1
27. Brandon Carlton
Grandmas Antique
Sculpture, 51.3 x 85.4 x 45.8 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£200
Current Bid:£0
Ashley Williams
31. Ashley Williams
Mix Chair
Sculpture, 55 x 85 x 52 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£350
Current Bid:£0

All proceeds will be split equally between Age UK and Resourcing Racial Justice, charities dedicated to supporting communities disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Benjamin Edgar
3. Benjamin Edgar
Tired, but Quite Optimistic
Sculpture, 51.3 x 85 x 45.8 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£700
Current Bid:£700
Emma Brewin
34. Emma Brewin
Shag Chair
Sculpture, 91 x 91 x 80 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£700
Current Bid:£0

"A portrait of a moment in time. The seating surface “droops” in gradient from rested to exhausted, a result of both stress and progress. All rendered in brilliantly optimistic blue."

- Benjamin Edgar 


“Made from fur scraps from my shag scarves and pillows from when I decided to make a bed out of pillows then cut it in half when it was finished."

- Emma Brewin

“I wanted to translate visually the feeling you get when you’re really tired and finally find a good seat to sit on and you can really let go.”

- Jean Jullien
Isabel + Helen
25. Isabel + Helen
Sculpture, 51.5 x 85 x 54 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£420
Current Bid:£0

"Mimicking nature, the machine methodically wraps its inhabitant... enveloping and swaddling the object within... over time, transforming and manipulating its shape and form. The chair’s skeleton becomes encased within the machine’s tightly woven web, creating a soft outer shell for the angular chair."

- Isabel + Helen

I had to turn my chair into The Werther’s Original Massage Chair didn’t I!

- Henry Gorse

I drew my bf in the nuddy mucking around with the chair. 

- Wilfrid Wood
Wilfrid Wood 3
8. Wilfrid Wood
Theo and The Chair 3
Work on Paper, 34.9 x 45.2 x 3.2 cm.
Estimate:£50 - 200
Starting bid:£180
Current Bid:£0
Wilfrid Wood 11
16. Wilfrid Wood
Theo and The Chair 11
Work on Paper, 34.9 x 45.2 x 3.2 cm.
Estimate:£50 - 200
Starting bid:£90
Current Bid:£0
Wilfrid Wood 14
19. Wilfrid Wood
Theo and The Chair 14
Work on Paper, 34.9 x 45.2 x 3.2 cm.
Estimate:£50 - 200
Starting bid:£100
Current Bid:£100
Wilfrid Wood 7
12. Wilfrid Wood
Theo and The Chair 7
Work on Paper, 34.9 x 45.2 x 3.2 cm.
Estimate:£50 - 200
Starting bid:£70
Current Bid:£80
Harry Grundy 1
1. Harry Grundy
The Commode
Sculpture, 45.9 x 94 x 48.5 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£300
Current Bid:£0
Max Siedentopf 1
2. Max Siedentopf
Sculpture, 27 x 105 x 27 cm.
Estimate:£50 - 200
Starting bid:£60
Current Bid:£0

"Remember the early life of the chair, before it got assembled into something to sit on, long before it was cut into geometrical planks held together by a few dozen screws, this very chair started out as a little seedling below the earth which grew into a beautiful tree out in nature’s wild.

To give this chair new life I decided to perform a very complicated magic trick which turned the chair back into a younger and more rebellious version of itself.”

- Max Siedentopf 

I reconfigured this chair using waste plastic and a self-built extruding machine. I produced a new back for the chair with waste HDPE blobby feet and a creepy hand rest from waste polypropylene.

- James Shaw
es devlin
37. Es Devlin
The Norns
Sculpture, 46 x 55 x 46 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£320
Current Bid:£320
Joe Lycett 1
33. Joe Lycett
Chair Dunistrishuns
Sculpture, 90 x 55.5 x 16.5 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£320
Current Bid:£450

“Here is the dunistititrishnuss for the chair if you want to make the chair baby you wanna make a chair baby you can make a chair if you wanna baby.”

- Joe Lycett

A seat for Buzz Aldrin.

- Tom Dixon 
Tom dixon 1
36. Tom Dixon
Sculpture, 837 x 110 x 45.9 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£300
Current Bid:£300
Nicole Mclaughlin
35. Nicole McLaughlin
Booster Seat
Sculpture, 70 x 87 x 51 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 1,000
Starting bid:£250
Current Bid:£250

“I updated the idea of the booster seat with new functionality through upcycled materials. The addition of newspapers and foam inserts provide a different level of comfort and practicality. While the clear storage pouches, crossword puzzles, and magnifying glass help exercise the mind and boost brain cells.”

- Nicole McLaughlin

Anthony Williams
5. Antony Williams
Work on Paper, 76.1 x 126.5 x 25 cm.
Estimate:£500 - 2,000
Starting bid:£550
Current Bid:£550

"The subject of the charcoal drawing is Jill Bays, who is eighty-nine and my wife’s mother. She is an accomplished watercolourist and author of seven books on watercolour painting."

- Antony Williams

As it’s important to have regular exercise, especially for older people I transformed my chair into an active resting tool. I made two walking sticks out of it, so not just one person can sit down, but two can start walking." 

- Helmut Smits 

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