To My Twenties

Celebrating the vitality and creativity of young adulthood

15 Oct Oct 15

The Old Central St. Martins Building, 48, 12 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AF

7.00 pm

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Inspired by Kenneth Koch's poem and a plethora of art history, this show celebrates the vitality and originality of artwork created in young adulthood. 

A group show of 70 artworks, this exhibition and auction bring together an international mix of emerging artists in their 20s today. 

Their finest examples of painting, sculpture, drawing and digital art will be united in this moment to focus on the next generation of creative minds.

Class of 2020
To document this creative gathering, curated within the show will be a section of self-portraits by each artist that document this moment.  

17 September - 16 October

16 October | 7 pm

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How lucky that I ran into you
When everything was possible
For my legs and arms, and with hope in my heart
And so happy to see any woman-
O woman!  O my twentieth year!
Basking in you, you
Oasis from both growing and decay
Fantastic unheard of nine- or ten-year oasis
A palm tree, hey! And then another
And another-and water!
I’m still very impressed by you.  Whither,
Midst falling decades, have you gone?  Oh in what lucky fellow,
Unsure of himself, upset, and unemployable
For the moment in any case, do you live now?
From my window I drop a nickel
By mistake. With
You I race down to get it
But I find there on
The street instead, a good friend,
X—-N—-, who says to me
Kenneth do you have a minute?
And I say yes!  I am in my twenties!
I have plenty of time!  In you I marry,
In you I first got to France; I make my best friends
In you, and a few enemies.  I
Write a lot and am living all the time
And thinking about living.  I loved to frequent you
After my teens and before my thirties.
You three together in a bar
I always preferred you because you were the midmost
Most lustrous apparently strongest
Although now that I look back on you
What part have you played?
You never, ever, were stingy.
What you gave me you gave whole
But as for telling
Me how best to use it
You weren’t a genius at that.
Twenties, my soul
Is yours for the asking
You know that, if you ever come back.

Kenneth Koch, 2000