Top 100 Emerging Artists To Watch - The Director's Choice

Published: 17 Jun 2021

I always have an initial gut reaction which I think is important to listen to and then I go away and do some research on the artist; it’s good to get a sense of the artist themselves and what projects they have coming up.  My partner is also heavily involved in the art world, so now we have to make sure it is something we can both live with, which encourages some colourful debate over the dinner table!  A lot of people have a ‘focus’ or ‘theme’ to their collections, that probably makes much more sensible but it takes the joy out of it for me personally.

Top 100 Emerging Artists to watch - The Art Critic's Choice

Published: 15 Jun 2021

Ahead of our first in-person exhibition in just over a year, we sat down with London Art Critic Tabish Khan, one of the six contributing members of the selection panel in our auction The Top 100. Tabish has been visual arts editor for Londonist since 2013 and he is also a regular contributor for FAD with a weekly top exhibitions to see in London and a column called 'What's wrong with art'.

Top 100 Emerging Artists To Watch - The Artist's Choice

Published: 15 Jun 2021

As an artist gallerist and writer, Benjamin Murphy has his finger firmly on the pulse on the incredible breadth of emerging artistic talent working today. For The Top 100, we asked him to pick some of his favourites. 

Rhythm Adjust

Author: Nick Yau

Published: 05 May 2021

The Breath Project present a non-profit exhibition bringing together 20 international contemporary artists and 30 artworks to raise funds for Frontline 19.

Auction Estimates & Reserves

Author: Francesca Wilson

Published: 03 Jan 2020

Want to know how auction estimates and reserves are decided? We explain what they are and the science behind them in this short article.

Sea-Fever: The Partners

Published: 24 Aug 2018

The Sea-Fever exhibition and auction wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of our auction partners. Thank you!

Sea-Fever: The Poem

Published: 13 Aug 2018

Taking the title of John Masefield's 'Sea-Fever' poem, we have curated an exhibition and auction of artwork inspired by the sea to celebrate the impact it continues to have on the artists of today. Here are the words behind that title...

The Art and Science of Landscape Architecture

Published: 14 Feb 2018

Urben describes itself as an Urban Design & Planning consultancy. They have been a fantastic sponsor for 'Far From the Madding Crowd'. In this blog, they run with the auction theme and show how landscape architecture can be inspirational and a space for escapism.

Talking Art Investments with Church House

Published: 12 Feb 2018

The Auction Collective has been created to support artists and art buyers at the lower end of the market. We want to make it easy for anyone to have a piece of art in their life no matter who they are. But this wouldn’t be possible were not for our sponsors. As we prepare for the Far From the Madding Crowd auction, we caught up with Leanne Harvey from one of our wonderful sponsors, Church House Investment Management, to hear why she wanted to get involved and what she has her eye on in the auction.

Talking Monoprints with Matt Jukes

Published: 04 Feb 2018

Matt Jukes’ monoprints were initially created as an antidote to the hectic life of London. The Australian born artist uses these works to escape back to his halcyon days of youth in the sunny, stress-free environment down under. Above the Sky is a beautiful example of this work and there is already a buzz around it in anticipation of its auction as part of Far From the Madding Crowd on 15 February. But we convinced him to step away from printing for a moment and chat through his work.

Talking the Royal Academy and Being Present in the Moment with Nadia Attura

Published: 03 Feb 2018

Nadia Attura has a Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism from The London College of Printing. She has an exquisite eye for detail in capturing beautiful moments in her travels around the world. We are very lucky to be offering two of her works, in our next auction Far from the Madding Crowd on 15 February. Nadia took time out of her busy London schedule to have a chat with The Auction Collective on all things escapism and art.

Talking Photographs with Open Doors

Published: 02 Feb 2018

Open Doors is an incredible platform for beautiful contemporary photography. They helped The Auction Collective and Narcissus Arts find four works by Maria Lax and Alessandro Calvi for the Far From the Madding Crowd Auction on the 15th February. We caught up with the photographer and one of the founders of Open Doors, Tom Page, to see what contemporary photography is all about.

Talking Art Collecting with Narcissus Arts

Published: 01 Feb 2018

The Auction Collective are excited to be partnering up with Narcissus Arts by putting together Far From the Madding Crowd – the auction and exhibition of landscape art being sold on 15 February. Nacrissus Arts is an art consultancy that focusses on advising clients on buying artworks that are under £10,000. Ahead of the auction, we caught up with its founder, Nick Campbell, to talk about the forthcoming collaboration.

Bidding Increments

Published: 31 Jan 2018

A detailed guide on how to avoid confusion with the numbers when buying at auction.

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